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---who, which, that, whom,
1.i like cities___________are quiet and clean.  2.i prefer students _________are hard- working.
3.i hate tv shows _________ are noisy and boring.4.the music __________ is gentle and quiet attracts me a lot.
5.the food __________tastes delicious is not always healthy.
6.those boys ___________ are playing basketballs over there are from class fifteen. 
7.the books ____________ are written by lu xun are worth reading.
8.the town ___we visited last week is much larger than before.9.the book ___ he bought is very interesting. 
1д______________________Σ______________________ that
2.εд ________________________________________________, that.
3.д _____________________________________________ that which
4.д______________________i can remember well the persons and some pictures that i saw in the room.
5. ______________________that.磺 who is the girl that is crying?
1. i am interested in everything___ is about the 2006 world cup.
2. is there anything___i can do for you?  3. this is the very bike ______i lost
4.to my surprise, he gave me nothing __ i need. 5.this is the best dictionary __ i have ever used.
6. he was the first person _______passed the exam. 
7.he talked happily about the men and books________interested him greatly.
whose   1. the student ______father works in the factory is sitting there.
2. i like the rooms ______windows face south.3. this is the desk ______legs were broken. 
4the woman ___ umbrella you took is angry about it.5.here comes a girl ___ handwriting is the best .
6the banana __skin is green can’t be eaten.7that tall tree _ leaves are yellow is very old.
1-he is one of the boys who ____ (doesn’t, don’t) finish doing homework. 
2-i like films which ____(be) exciting and interesting. 
3-children who often ____(eat) junk food are easy to become fat and unhealthy.
4-that boy who _____(run) fastest is from our class. 
5those boys who ____ playing the guitar are from our school. (be)
6the trees which _____ (be) watered yesterday belong to them. 7the man who ____ over there is our teacher.(stand) 8those boys who ____ playing the guitar are from our school. (be)
9mr. brown is one of the foreign experts _______  _________ (work) in china.
10i’m one of the boys ______  ________(like) english best.
1i will never forget the day __________ i joined the army.365bet手机版网址
2) i will never forget the days ______ i worked here.
3) i will never forget the year ____________ my son went to college.
b. ν
1have you found the book ________i paid 29 dollars?
2have you found the book ________i spent 29 dollars?
3) have you found the book _____________we learnt a lot?
4)  have you found the book _______she often talks?
1. it must be a good place ________________we can do a lot of exercise.
2.this is the village _________________we visited last week.
3.the house _______ we live in is very big./ the house _______ we live is very big
4. the woman ___________ talked to you just now is a doctor. the woman ______ you talked to is my sister.  
the woman to ___________ you talked is my sister.   5. this is the hospital ____________ i was born in.  
this is the hospital in _________i was born.  this is the hospital____________ i was born.            
1. the boy ______ is wearing the black jacket is very clever.
2. this is the present ____he gave me for my birthday.3.the man _______ talked to you just now is an engineer.
4. he talked about the teachers and schools _______ he had visited.
5. there is nothing in the world ______can frighten him.6. we visited a factory _______makes toys for children.
7. is this the place _______ your father once lived   8. i’ll never forget the days _______ i joined the league.
9the car______my father bought last month is beautiful.10the man______hair is white is his grandfather.
(  )1.rosa likes music ___ is quiet and gentle.  a. when  b. that  c. where  d. who 
(  )2.--is the girl _ is interviewing the manager of that company your friend--yes, she is a journalist from cctv.
a. whom  b. which    c. who    d. whose 
(  )3 yao ming is a famous basketball star ___ is playing in the nba. a. whose b. who c. what d. which 
(  )4. the doctor ___i am waiting for is mr. smith.    a. which   b. whom   c. whose d. why
(  )5. --- do you know hong zhanhui? ---yes. he’s the college student ____ has moved chinese people a lot.
a. who   b. which   c. what    d. whom  
(  )6. in my family, my sister is the only person __ loves chocolate. a. which  b. who c. whom d. she
(  )7. this is the place ____ the old man lived last year.    a. when   b. where   c. that  d.which 
(  ) 8. the song ___ jay zhou sings are popular with students.   a. why   b. whom   c. what    d. which  
(  )9. the farmer was very thankful to the doctor ___ treated his son. a. what    b. which    c. who    d. whose
(  )10.i like to live in a house__ is big and bright.       a. that   b. who    c. how   d. why
(  )11. the young lady ___ we met yesterday is our new math teacher. a. what  b. whose c. whom  d. which
(  )12. --can you introduce the town to me? --ok. this is the town in __ i was born. a. that   b. who c. which
(  )13. miss green is the only person __ can help you with your english. a. she b. whom c. which  d. who
(  )14. i like the second football match ___was held last week. a. which     b. who     c. that         d. /
(  )15. is there anything ____ to you? a. that is belonged b. that belongs c. that belong   d. which belongs
(  )16. i hate people ___ don’t help others when they are in trouble.  a. who   b. which    c. they
(  )17. this is the only book ___i am looking for.  a. that   b. which   c. who   d. whom 
(  )18 her sister__ you met at my home was a teacher of english. a. whom  b. that  is  c. which  d. who is
(  )19 the book__is sold out at the moment. a.you need bwhat you need c.which you need it d that you need it
(  )20 i'm one of the boys ______never late for school. a. that is b. who are c. who am d. who is
(  )21.__cleans the classroom can go home first.  a. anyone b. those who c. however  d. the one who
(  )22. the old man __yesterday is a scientist.a.i spoke   b. i spoke to c. whom i spoke d. that i spoke to him
1.--- is the girl __ is interviewing the manager of that company your friend? --yes, she is a journalist from cctv.    a. whom    b. which    c. who    d. whose
2. do you still remember the movie _____ we saw last weekend? a. who   b. what   c. that   d. whom
3. ---who is your new english teacher?  ---elena, the woman ____ is wearing a red t-shirt over there.
a.   b. whom   c. whose   d. who
4. is that the man _____ helped us a lot after the earthquake?  a. whose   b. which   c. when    d. who
5. ---what are you looking for? --- i’m looking for the pen ___ i bought yesterday. a. who b. which c. whose
6. this is the novel_____ written by guo jingming. a. who   b. what   c. that   d. /
7. we should be ready to help the people ____ are in trouble.  a. whose   b. whom   c. which   d. who
8. two years has passed, but chinese people still remember those exciting days ____ they spent during the beijing 2008 olympic games.   a. that    b. who   c. when
9. the magician _____ played magic tricks in 2008 cctv spring festival gala is liu qian. he is popular in china now.   a. whose   b. who     c. which
10. july likes music very much. she likes music ____ she can dance to.  a. what   b. who   c. that
11. at school, you should do the things _____ are allowed by the teachers. a. that   b. when   c. what
12. thought is the key _____ opens the doors of the world.   a. why   b. where   c. which   d. who
13. the gentlemen ___ are coming to my office tomorrow are my classmates many years ago. 
a. whom   b. who   c. those    d. which
14. that’s the man _____ house was destroyed in the storm.  a. that   b. whose   c. who   d. which
15. the girl ____ i just talked with is ben’s sister.   a. whom   b. which   c. she  
16. i love people ____ are friendly to others.   a. which   b. whose   c. what    d. who
17. it’s time to say goodbye to my school. i’ll always remember the people _____ have helped me.
a. who    b. what   c. which    d. where
18. i like the teacher ____ classes are very interesting and creative.  a. which  b. who c. what  d. whose
19. do you know the boy ____ is sitting next to peter? ---yes. he is peter’s friend. they are celebrating his ____ birthday.  a. who, ninth   b. that, nineth   c. /, nineth   d. which, ninth
20.shaolintemple__lies in the west of zhengzhou welcomes the visitors from abroad.a.where b.which c.who 
  where does she live? ( do you know?) ----do you know where she lives?
which is the way to the nearest shop?/ what’s wrong with you?/ what’s up?/ what’s the matter?
; 1___________.
磺1. it’s going to rain. i think. ---i think it’s going to rain.
2. “i will go with you .” he says. ---he says he will go with me. 
3. he studied english ten years ago. i know. i know he studied english ten years ago.
磺it’s going to rain. i thought. ---i thought it was going to rain. 
“i will go with you.” he said. ---he said he would go with me. 
3). ______________________
1 the earth turns round the sun. the teacher told us---the teacher told us that the earth turns round the sun.
2 light travels much faster than sound. she said …  ---she said that light travels much faster than sound.
1)______________________, ()
1.  he’ll be back in a month. ( i hear…) i hear ( that ) he will be back in a  month.
2.  i have been to the great wall once. ( he tells me…) he tells me ( that ) he has been to the great wall once. 
磺*does he live in that house? ( she asked me …) she asked me if/ whether he lived in that house.
*have you finished your homework? ( i want to know…) i want to know if you have finished your homework.
3) ___________еwhat, who, where, when, which, why, how (many/ much/ often/ long/ old).磺 who are you waiting for? can you tell me? --- can you tell me who you are waiting for?
what did he do yesterday? i don’t know. ---i don’t know what he did yesterday.
*** wh- how
i don’t know what i can do.  i don’t know what to do.
the policeman showed me where i could get books. the policeman showed me where to get books.
can you tell me how i can make a kite? can you tell me how to make a kite?
4).____________________________________________Уνnotνν磺i don’t think he has time to play with the girl.
1i want to know __
a. whom is she looking after b. whom she is looking cwhom is she looking dwhom she is looking after 
2i don't know _________ the day after tomorrow 
awhen does he come bhow will he come cif he comes dwhether he'll come 
3could you tell me _________ the nearest hospital isawhat bhow cwhether dwhere 
4could you tell me _________ the radio without any help 
ahow did he mend bwhat did he mend chow he mended dwhat he mended 
5i don't know if he____ tomorrow. if he _____i'll tell you 
acomes, comes bwill come, will come  c. will come, comes  d. comes, will come
6do you know where _________ nowahe lives bdoes he live che lived ddid he live 
7do you know what time ___athe train leave bdoes the train leave cwill the train leave dthe train leaves 
8i don't know _________ can you tell meplease ahow the two players are old 
bhow old are the two players cthe two players are how old dhow old the two players are 
9the small children don't know _________ awhat is their stockings in 
bwhat is in their stockings cwhere is their stockings in dwhat in their stockings 
10i can't understand _________ awhat does christmas mean bwhat christmas does mean      
cwhat mean christmas does dwhat christmas means 
11 . when the job______, let me know.  a .do b .done c .is done  d .finished
12 .she asked me if i knew__ .a .whose pen is it   b .whose pen it was c whose pen it is d .whose pen was it 13 .miss li wants to know _____________next week .  a .when my uncle leaves    
b .when will my uncle leave c .where my uncle will stay  d .where does my uncle stay
14 .could you tell me  ________________with the money ? a .how to do  b .what should i do c .how i should do     d .what i should do
(  )1. everyone can play an important role in the societyas memberswe should try our best to do__.
  a. what we should do  b. what should we do   c. how we should do
(  )2. --i really hope to keep in touch with lily.  --sorry. i don't know __.
a. what her name is   b. what her job is  c. what her number is    d. when she left
(  )3 —can you tell me ______? —by doing more speaking. a how i will improve my english    
 b. which way can i choose  c. how do i deal with my english         d. what’s wrong with my english
(  )4. how lovely the dog is !  can you tell me _____?
a. where did you get it   b. where will you get it     c. where you got it
(  )5.. --excuse me, could you tell me ____ the book about aliens? --sure, take the escalator to the second floor.
a. where i can buy b. where can i buy    c. when can i buy  d. when i can buy
(  )6-“do you know_ have our summer holiday?”-“next week.”a.when will we b.when are wec. when we will
(  )7 ---do you know ____ the mp4 yesterday?  -- sorry, i’ve no idea about it.
 a. how much did he pay for   b. how much he paid for  c. he paid for how much    d. he paid how much for
()8--what time will mr. brown be back to china? -- sorry. i don’t know ___. 
a. when did he go abroad b.why he is going abroad c.how soon will he be back dhow long he will stay abroad
9. you can’t image ___ when the pupils received these nice presents on children’s day.
中华〖zhōng huá〗队打破世大运史上参赛成绩,除了超越历届最多7面金牌,更将设定的11金目标往前大幅跃进到26面
新庄警分局与刑事局侦一大三队获报成立〖was founded〗专案小約ense〗∽椋3个月追查,果然在他们住处查获大量枪枝,其中不乏多种长枪、冲锋枪等,市价不斐,马上将他们带回侦办
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a. how they were excited   b. how excited they were   c. how excited were they     d. they were how excited
10. –can you tell me ______?–she is in the computer lab. 
a. where linda was    b. where is linda c. where was linda    d. where linda 
(  )11. –do you know _______ the capital museum? –next friday. 
a. when will they visit b. when they will visit c. when did they visit d. when they visited
(  )12. he wanted to know____the english party.  
a. when will we have b. when we will have  c. when would we have  d. when we would have 
(  )13. i want to know_______. 
a. when we should arrive at the airport  b. when should we arrive at the airport 
c. when the airport we should arrive at d. when the airport should we arrive at
(  )14. –david, look at the man in white over there. can you tell me_______? –he is a doctor.
  a. who is he  b. who he is  c. what is he  d. what he is
(  )15. –do you know___the girl in red is? –i’m not sure. maybe a teacher. a. when b. how c. where d. what
(  )16. your t-shirt is so cool. could you tell me ________? 
 a. where you buy it  b. where do you buy it  c. where you bought it  d. where did you buy it is
(  )17. i really want to know ____ .  a. what is wrong with my brother  
b. how will he go to beijing tomorrow  c. if had he bought that car   d. where did he go yesterday
(  )18. excuse me, sir. could you tell me ?
a.where is the bank nearestb. where is the nearest bankc.where the nearest bank isd. the nearest bank is where
(  )19.lily’s mother looked for her for half an hour, but couldn’t find ____. 
a. what lily was.   b. what was lily  c. where lily was  d. where was lily
(  )20--could you tell me___? he is wanted by the head teacher.--sorry, i’ve no idea.but he _ here just now 
a. where tim was, was   b. where is timwas  c. where tim iswas  dwhere tim isis
.:if, unless
_______________, ______________.
1.i am waiting for my friend.____________, i’ll do shopping alone.
a.if she comes  b.if she will come   c.if she doesn’t come d.if she didn’t come
2.i am sure i can make it better, if our teacher _________me a second chance.a.give b.gave c.gives d.will give
3.the art club is for members only. you can’t go in___you are a member. a.unless b.because c.if d.though
4.i ________the cds to you if i have time tomorrow.   a.will return b.returned  c.have returned  d.return
5. 1you won’t pass the final exam ___________()you work hard.
2) the children __________ climb the mountain if it __________________()
3) _______________________if he comes. (绰
(when,before, after, until, as soon as, while…)
1as soon as he _____in paris, he will call you.  a.arrive  b.arrived  c.arrives
2don’t leave until the rain_______.a.stopped  b.stops  c.stopping  d.stop
3you can go skating after you ____a.finish the job  b.finished the job  c.finishing the job
4) i’ll tell her the good news when he _____ back. a.came  b.comes  c.come  
5father was watching tv ________ mum was washing dishes. a.before b. while c.after d.until 
6i was watching tv ____ you called me last night. a.when  b.while c.until d.after 
7) i ______ here since i came to china. a.lived  b.have lived c.am living d. had living 
8).my grandma didn’t go to sleep______ i got back home.  a.till  b.until  c.since  d.when
(because, since, as)
1. tom is ill at home, _____he can’t come here.  a.so b.if  c.because  d.and
2.—why did you come to school late this morning?--___i watched the football world cup until 12:00 last night. a.if   b.because   c.since   d.though
3.i hope to go to france some day__there are many museums there.a.though b. unless  c. because  d. where
so… that…/such…that/so thatsoΡ
he ran so fast that i couldn’t catch up with him.  =______________________________________________
the box is so heavy that i can’t carry it=___________________________________________________
2“so… that +”“enough to”漣
he’s so strong that he can carry the box.=___________________________________________________
he is not old enough to go to school.=________________________________________________________
3)so that…/ so…that…/such…that ____________________________________________________________
磺he got up early in the morning so that he could catch the early bus.
the boy is so strong that he can lift up the heavy stone.   he is such a clever boy that all of us like him.
1.--he was _______tired ______he fell asleep as soon as he lay down. -- oh, we can go out and let him have a good rest..a.too;to b.so; that  c.enough; to  d.such; that
2.there were _______many people ____i couldn’t find where she is. a.so;that b.so;as c.such;that d.as;that
3. he ran as fast as possible__he could reach school on time. a.in order to  b so as to c such that d so that
4. they are ___interesting books __ i want to read them once more.a.so that b.such…that c.too…to d.so…that
1.you may leave the classroom when you__writing.a.will finish  bare finishing   c have finished  dhad finished
2. would you give johnny this letter if you ________ to see him this week.
a. will happen    b. happen         c. are happened        d. happened
3. she was busy, ____she couldn’t go to your birthday party last night. a. and   b. so  c. or    d. but
4. english is ________ a useful language ________ it is spoken in many countries of the world.
a. so…that     b. such…that       c. so…because    d. such…because
5. don’t cross the street __ the traffic lights are green. a. after  b. until   c. while   d. since
6. your dream won’t come true__ you know what your dream is. a. after b. unless  c. while  d. since
7. --could you ask him if he __to my birthday party next sunday? –i will, if i __ him this afternoon.
  a. comes, meet    b. will come, will meet c. comes, will meet   d. will come, meet 
8. sarah is ______ a hard-working girl ______ she often works late into night.
  a. so; that    b. too; to   c. such; that    d. not only; but also
1.—where was your brother at this time last night?—he was writing an e-mail ___i was watching tv at home.
   a.as soon as  b.after  c.until  d.while 
2.the film “kung fu panda” is___interesting__i would like to see it again. a.such,that b.too,to c.as,as d.so that
3.tom will call me as soon as he ___home. a.gets  b.has got  c.got  d.will get 
4. we will have no water to drink___we don’t protect the earth. a.until b.before c.though d.if 
5.we won’t start the meeting ___our teacher arrives. a.though  b.until  c.while  d.or 
6.bob promises to join in the football match____he has to help his parents on the farm.. 
a. if      b.as    c. unless      d. when
7.___it’s difficult to make her dream come ture, she never gives up. a.though  b.unless  c.because  d.if 
8.---could you tell me when mr. li___in huanggang?---sure. when he ___, i’ll call you.
 a.arrives; will arrive  b.will arrive; arrives  c.arrives; arrives  d.will arrive; will arrive
9.in summer, food goes bad easily__it is put in the refrigerator. a.until  b.if  c.unless
10.a moment, please. i’m checking if mr. smith__free tomorrow. a.is  b.being  c.to be  d.will be 
11.i didn’t go to bed __my mother came back late last night.a.so;  b.until  c.though
12.hurry up,___you will miss the early train. a. or  b.and  c.if  d.unless 
13.---tommy, do you know if frank___to the theatre with us this sunday if it ___?---sorry, i have no idea.
   a.will go, is fine;  b.goes, is fine  c.will go, is going to be fine  d.goes; will be fine 
14.what a beautiful painting it is! i’ve never seen ___painting.  a.such a  b.a  c.such  d.this better 
15.i don’t know __he will come tomorrow.___he comes, i’ll tell you.
   a.if, whether  b.whether, whether  c.if, that  d.if, if 
(  )1.is this museum_ they visited last month? a. that   b. where    c. which   d. the one
(  )2. is that book ____ he borrowed on friday?  a. that   b. which   c. who  d. the one 
(  )3 the second book__i want to read is business at the speed of thought. a. which b. what c. that d. as
(  )4 –do you know the man __is running along the street? a who b which c whom 
(  )5. without friendship, one can’t be happy although he is rich enough. as for me, i will never forget the days ___i spent  with my dearest friend.   a that    b when     c who 
(  )6 this is the best tv play __we have seen this year.  a when b what c who d that 
(  )7--have you found the information about famous people ____you can use for report? 
--not yet. i’ll search some on the internet.                 a which b who c what d whom
(  )8--have you been to the sports center___ is just opened in town?  - -no, no yet.     
a where b who c that d when
(  )9 --bob, where do you work?--i work for a company ___sells cars.    a which b where c what 
(  )10____ have finished the work can leave.    a. those who b. anyone c. the one who
(  )11. the building that ___new is our school.   a. is  b. are c. was   d. were
(  )12. the pandas that we saved ____better now.  a. are  b. were  c. is  d. was
(  )13 this is the only thing _________ i have lost.a.which  b.that  c.where 
(  )14.--could you tell me____?--sorry, i don’t know. i was not at the meeting. a. what does he say at the meeting. b what did he say at the meeting. c. what he says at the meeting  d. what he said at the meeting
(  )15. no one can be sure____ in a million years. 
a. what man looks like b. what will man look like  c. man will look like what d. what man will look like
(  )16. -- could you tell me ____?-- she is a student in eton school.
a. where kate is studying b. how kate studies c .why kate was studying d. when kate studied
(  )17.-- could you tell me___ yesterday?-- about two hours. a. how long it takes to fly to guilin b. how long it took to fly to guilin c.how long does it take to fly to guiln d. how long did it take to fly to guilin
(  )18. please tell me____.a. what is wrong with the boy b. what is the boy wrong  c. what wrong the boy is
(  )19. she will hate him when she _more about him .a.knowsb .know  c.will know dis going to know
(  )20. --excuse me. do you know_____?--sorry, i don’t know.   a. where is no. 1 middle school 
b. where no. 1 middle school is c. no. 1 middle school is where d. no. 1 middle school where is 
(  )21. at the science museumthe boys and girls get to know__________. a. what is the spaceship like 
b. what the spaceship looks like  c. how the spaceship looks 1ike  d. how does the spaceship1ook like
(  )22. he didn’t tell me ____.
a. which floor did he live on b. which floor he lived on c. which floor he lived d. he lived on which floor
(  )23. i’m new here. could you tell me__, please?a. when does the first bus arrive  b. when the first bus arrives 
c. when did the first bus arrive  d.when will the first bus arrive
(  )24. i wonder how long_______school? 
a. has he been away from b. he has been away c. he has left  d. he has been away from
(  )25. ---we can use msn to talk with each other on the internet.  ---really? will you please show ____it? ‘
a. what to use  b. how to use c. how can i use   d. where can i use
(  )26. the teacher asked the students         . a. if they were interested in chatting online 
  b. when was albert einstein born c. what they will do with the computers  d. how often they go to movies 
(  )27---could you tell me how long __the book?--three days.
 a.i can keep  b.can i borrow  c.i can borrow  d. can i keep
(  )28.i can’t understand ___the boy alone at home.
a.why she left  b.did she leave  c.why had she left   d.why she leave365bet手机版
(  )29. you will not succeeded if you ______ harder. a. will work   b. won’t work  c. work  d. don’t work
(  )30.write clearly __your teacher can understand you correctly. a.since    b.for  c.because   dso that
(  )31.______he failed , he went on doing the experiment .a. even  b. yet  c. although  d. in spite of
(  )32.the dog went out while we __ supper. a. had     b. had had    c. were having      d. would have
(  )33.his brother has worked there ________ he left schoo a.when    b. after    c. since      d. until
(  )34.the boy didn’t stop talking ____the second bell rang. a.when     b. until   c. after   d. because
(  )35. __i came into the office, the teacher were having a meeting.a.while  b. when c. once d. since
(  )36.i was about to leave my house __ the telephone rang. a.while   b. as       c. when      d. since