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中学生【xué sheng】学习计划【jì huà】

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. a call from the secretary

mr. young was a boss,and he worked hard. seldomdid he have a vacation. his wife was afraid that he would getsickif he continued like that, so she suggested to him taking a vacation. at last mr. young agreed. but she was afraid that he might bedisturbedby hiscompany,so before they left, mrs. young went to see her husband'ssecretary.mrs. young told her,“my husband needs a vacation very much, so whatever happensplease don't disturb him with letters or telephones while we are away. just wait until we get back.”

then on apleasantmorning, after mr. and mrs. young had been away about a week, when thecouplewas having apicnicand eating theirhamburger,mr. young received a phone call from his secretary. she said,“something terrible has happened to your business, but i remember what mrs. young told meso i'm not going to disturb you with it now while you'reenjoyingyour vacation.bye-bye!”

(boss)(seldom)(have a vacation)(get sick)(suggest)(company)п(disturb)(husband)(secretary)“绰де”


. my collection of sea shells

every summer my family goes to the beach. idigin thesandandsearch forseashells().

i've collected many shells sofar. they have different colors: orange,

一口吃下不仅【not only】能吃到?y味棒的鲜甜,搭配鲜味十足的干贝滑及海苔提味,让整个味蕾更加提升不少,不仅【not only】特别又好吃,让人耳目一新啊!
根据老布希的亲近人士透露,老布希目前的血压不断下降,好几次差点撑不过去,但是【dàn shì】目前已经【have been】趋于稳定,以老布希的年龄【age】以及这次感【gǎn】染的情形来说,这样【then】的状况是相当严重的
气得命令【mìng lìng】机长将飞机【fēi jī】掉头,还把座舱长赶下机,要他好好查清楚,最后该班机抵达仁川机场时,已经【have been】延误11分钟
此外,大英国协领袖也于19日在伦敦招开会议【meeting】,英国首相德蕾莎梅伊(Theresa Mary May)也针对英格兰,将全面禁止使用一次性的吸管、搅拌棒等进行讨论【discussion】,希望【hope】大英国协会员能一起【with】跟进
搭传统航空还好打发时间,但搭廉航多半椅背后没有视听娱乐【yú lè】设备,2~3小时也就算了,但搭长途若又睡不着相当很折腾人
而在讨论【discussion】乌克兰局势时,加拿大外长方慧兰则说,各国应当要去尊重乌克兰主权还有国家领土的完整性,G7各国成员也将共同支持【zhī chí】乌克兰
silver,purple,gray),brown... some arecommon,others are unusual. i have a shell which is like abird's wing,and one of my shells is like a whale'seyes.

last year, myeldersister helped me put all my shells in mydrawersand on mydesk.when i see them, i will remember the fun i have at the beach.

(beach)(sand)(dig)(search for)(sea shell)

(so far)Щ(silver)(purple)(brown)……Щ(common)Щ(bird)(wing)(whale)

(elder sister)е(drawer)(desk)




where did you go on vacat
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