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1. as…as ……


this classroom is as big as that one.

he runs as fast as tom.

not as/so…as,“……”

this classroom is not as/so large as that one.

he doesn’t run as/so fast as tom.


2. as soon as …………

i’ll tell him the plan as soon as i see him.

he’ll go home as soon as he finishes his work.

3. be busy/enjoy/hate/go on/finish doing sth. ////

enjoy, finish, hate, go on, be busy-ing磺

lin tao is busy making a model plane.

my mother enjoys taking a walk after supper.

i hate watching channel five.

when someone asked him to have a rest, he just went on working.

i have finished writing the story.


4. fill…with ……...... be filled with ……be full of ......

be filled with 磺

the box is filled with food.

be full of“”磺

the patient’s room is full of flowers.

the young man is full of pride.


i fill the box with food. the box is full of food.

5. be good/bad for /к……


doing morning exercises is good for your health.

always playing computer games is bad for your study.

6. be used to(doing) sth. ……

be get,become档 磺

he is used to life in the country.(he is used to living in the country.)

he will get used to getting up early.

be used to do “……”磺

wood is used to make paper.

7. both…and………


both the students and the teachers will go to the history museum tomorrow.

8. can’t help doing sth.


his joke is too funny. we can’t help laughing.


9. sth. costs sb. some money 365bet手机版网址


this book cost me five yuan.

10. either…or… …………,…………


you may either stay here or go home.

either she or i am right.=either i or she is right.

11. enough (for sb.) to do sth. …………


the ice isn’t thick enough for you to walk on.


12. feel like doing sth.

like-ingwould like to do sth.塣磺

i feel like drinking a cup of milk.

13. feel/find/think it adj./n. to do sth. ……


i find it very interesting to play football.

she thinks it her duty to help us.

14. get ready for sth./to do sth.

get ready for sth.“”get ready to do sth.“”磺

we are getting ready for the meeting.

they were getting ready to have a sports meet at that moment.

15. get/receive/ a letter from ……

hear from 磺

did you receive a letter from john?


i got a letter from my brother yesterday.

16. had better (not) do sth. ()

had betterΡhad betterд’d betternot磺

we had better go now.=we’d better go now.


you’d better not go out because it is windy.


17. have sth. done () ()


we had the machine repaired.

we have repaired the machine. ()

18. help sb. (to) do sth./with sth. ()


i often help my mother with housework.

would you please help me (to) look up these words?


19. how do you like…? ……?

what do you think of …?塣 磺

how do you like the weather in beijing?

? ?

20. i don’t think/believe that… /…………


i don’t think it will rain.

i don’t believe the girl will come.

21. it happens that… ……

happen to do磺

it happened that i heard their secret.

д i happened to hear their secret.

22. it’s/has been ++since


it’s twenty years since he came here.


it has been six years since he married mary.

23. it is +adj./n. + for sb. to do sth. ……

itto do sth磺

it’s not easy for us to study english well.

it’s a good idea for us to travel to the south.


24. it’s + adj. + of sb. to do sth.

itto do sth., ()of,for磺

it’s very polite of you to give your seat to old people.


25. it seems/appears to sb that… ()……


it seems that he is lying.

it appears to me that he never smiles. Ц

26. it is ++metres/kilometers long/wide… ……()()


it is 20 metres long from this end to that end. ж

27. it’s time for sb. to do sth.

itto do sth. 磺

it’s time for the child to go to bed.

it’s time for + n. 磺

it’s time for school.

it’s time to do sth. 磺

it’s time to go to school.

28. it takes sb. some time to do sth.

itto do sth磺

it takes her fifteen minutes to walk to the bus stop from here.


it took the old man three days to finish the work.

29. keep (on) doing sth.

keep doing sth.keep on doing sth.“”磺

don’t keep on doing such foolish things.

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he kept sitting there all day.

30. keep…from doing sth. ......

stop…from doing sth., prevent…from doing sth. УstoppreventfromУfrom磺

please keep the children from swimming in the sea.


the big noise outside my room stopped me from doing my homework.

31. keep sb. doing sth.

keep sb.from doing sth.

磺why do you keep me waiting for a long time? ?

32. make sb. do sth.


磺he made me work ten hours a day. 10С

work to磺

i was made to work ten hours a day.

33. neither…nor… …………


neither we nor jack knows him.

he neither knows nor cares what happened. 鲻

34. not…until… ……......


he didn’t come until late in the evening.

he didn’t arrive until the game began.

35. sb. pays money for sth.

i’ve already paid 2,000 yuan for the motor bike. 2000г

36. spend time/money on sth./(in)doing sth. ()/


i spent five yuan on this book.

i spent two hours (in) doing my homework yesterday. С

37. so…that… …………

thatso,such 磺

the ice is so thin that you can’t walk on it.

he is such a kind man that we all like him.

38. stop to do sth., stop doing sth.

stop to do sth. “”stop doing sth.“”磺

you’re too tired. you’d better stop to have a rest.

the teacher is coming. let’s stop talking.

39. thank you for doing sth. м


thank you for giving me the present. лл

thank you for your help.=thank you for helping me.лл

40. thanks to ……,……


thanks to my friend jim, i’ve worked out this problem.

41. there be


there is a man at the door.


there are two dogs and a cat under the table.è

there is a cat and two dogs under the table.

there be еbehave棬lie(λ),stand(),exist(),live()漣磺

there stand a lot of tall buildings on both sides of the street.

there lies lake in front of our school.У

once there lived a king here.

there is going to be a sports meeting next week.

there be there seem(s)/happen(s) to be…

there seems to be one mistake in spelling.


there happened to be a ruler here. а

there seemed to be a lot of people there. к

42. the + adj., the + adj. ……,……


the harder he works, the happier he feels.е

the more, the better.

43. too+adj./adv. +to do sth. ………….


the ice is too thin for you to walk on.

the bag is too heavy to carry.

44. used to do sth.

used to:

he used to get up early.

when i was yong, i used to play tennis very often.

didn’t use to;used not to,磺

he didn’t use to come.=he usedn’t to come.

45. what about…? ……?

“how about…?”塣磺

we have been to hainan. what about you? ?

what about going to the park on sunday? ?

46. what day/date is it today? ()?

—what day is it today?


—what date is it today?

—june 24th.

47. what’s wrong (the matter) with…? ……?

what’s wrong with you, madam? ?

you look worried. what’s wrong with you? ?

48. why not do…? ……?

νΡwhy don’t you do…?塣磺

why not go to see the film with us?=why don’t you go to see the film with us? ?

49. would like to do sth. ……

i would like to drink a cup of tea.衣

would you like (to drink) a cup of tea? ?

50. adj./adv. + and adj./adv. ......

/“more and more +/”磺

it’s getting warmer and warmer.

the little girl becomes more and more beautiful. С

51. adj.+than


i know you better than she does.

this house is bigger than that one.

52. though-


though it was snowing, it was not very cold.

i was late for the last bus though i hurried. ·

we didn’t feel tired though we walked a long way. ·ие

53. if-365bet手机版

if “;“if()磺

if i go to the great wall tomorrow, would you like to come along? ?

if it rains tomorrow, i won’t go.

54. because-

“” 磺

he didn’t hear the knocking at the door because he was listening to the radio.

55. so + do/be +

“so + be// + ” beν

he likes football and so do i.

jim was playing football just now and so was tom.

“so ++be//.”()beν

a: it is very hot today.

b: so it is.

56. not only…but also… …………


she likes not only singing but also dancing. 裬衣

he is not only a good doctor but also a good father.

not only i but also he is hoping to go there.

57. prefer…to… ………...

prefer (doing) sth. to (doing) sth. “()”Уto磺

he prefers tea to coffee. 衣网站地图 手机端

he prefers doing shopping to going fishing.


what (a/an) + adj. + n. ++ν! how + adj./adv.+ ++ν! 磺

what a clever boy (he is)!=how clever the boy is! к

what a wonderful film we saw last night! !

how lovely the weather is! !

how hard he works! !


塣νανdo not(don’t)磺

be here on time tomorrow.

say it in english! !

don’t be afraid! !

don’t look out of the window! !

60. о

òвооУand, but, or, so, however, not only…but also..., neither…nor..., either…or…磺

i help her and she helps me.

he is very old but he is in good health. á

we must hurry, or we’ll be late.

kate does her work carefully, so she never makes any mistakes. 棬




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